All contributors must agree to abide by our Code of Conduct

  1. Bug reports are welcome, but please make sure to include a minimal code sample that shows your problem. In most cases, we'll need you to give us an example that we can actually run, so include any necessary sample data. A screenshot or stack trace can also be helpful!

  2. For all support requests and feature requests, please use the Prawn mailing list instead of the Github tracker, or see if anyone is around in #prawn on Freenode to discuss your issue. If we find that you discovered a bug, or that your feature request is one that we want to continue to research and discuss on Github, we'll either ask you to file a ticket or file one on your behalf.

  3. Pull requests for bug fixes or enhancements are welcome. Feel free to open them in the early stages of your work so that we can give feedback and discuss ideas together.